3 Axis Structure Design

3-Axis Stabilization (Tilt, Roll & Pan), programmed to intuitively follow your every move, also smoothes and filters out undesirable jitter for stunning video action.

Utilizing breakthrough 3-axis gimbal technology, our team of master designers and seasoned engineers has worked tirelessly to build the ultimate in cutting edge cell phone stabilization.


Compatible to GoPro with optional bracket, also support most other branded action cameras.

No terrain too tough to handle, no action too fast to follow.
With each step, marSoar is there to inspire and to stabilize.

Handset Vertical Shooting

Supports vertical shooting, satisfies all video graphing scenarios.

Sparking creativity with compelling action and perspective.
Ready to conquer our environment at every turn.
Ready to create new means to document our journey.
Ready to seize every moment to tell our story.

Industry Leading Technology

Following mode
Device follows your gestures, points to wherever you move to

Horizontal lock mode
Device does not move up or down, still turns left and right

Target lock mode
Device always locks to the target you point to no matter how you move

Industry Leading Technology

Motors: Advanced FOC (Field Orientation Control) Brushless Motors with Encoder Technology, more torque, more precise, less heat and super quite.

Gimbal Controller: 32 bit processor provides 4 times faster than traditional 8 bit processor; Advanced Algorithm for High Precision Stabilization & Real Time Alignment;
Sensor:6-Axis High Precision IMU with Cutting Edge Encoder Integration.

Best Counterweight Design

The best, or nothing.

Automatically balances any sizes smartphones between 4 inches and 6 inches, the only one in industry which does not require any counter weight for different weight phones.

Battery Performance

Build-in lithium-polymer rechargeable battery, provides up to 2 hours continuous operation.

Patented battery saving algorithm, one charge good for 2 days normal video graphing usage.

Quality In Detail

Aircraft grade aluminum, most advanced computer numerical control cutting parts, 5 procedures cosmetic processing.

Quality made product presents from every inch.

Ergonomic Handle with Rubberized Grip

Grip designed for hold, never miss any detail to make this a work of art.

Other than traditional handhold gimbal grip design, we’ve tried several shapes and surface touching craft, blind tested by thousands of hands, finally we chose this grip.

Standard Quarter Inch Socket

Standard quarter inch socket, compatible with most tripods and extension rods.